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New Optical Modulation Analyzer Portfolio will utilize a 70 GHz Coherent Optical Receiver— Highest Bandwidth Currently Commercially Available

siliconreview New Optical Modulation Analyzer Portfolio will utilize a 70 GHz Coherent Optical Receiver— Highest Bandwidth Currently Commercially Available

Auckland, New Zealand and Chestnut Ridge, NY, Coherent Solutions and Teledyne LeCroy announce the launch of a portfolio of Optical Modulation Analyzers (OMA) based on Coherent Solutions IQScope technology, seamlessly coupled with Teledyne LeCroyLabMaster 10 Zi real-time oscilloscopes. The portfolio will be launched at the European Conference on Optical Communications (ECOC), September 23 to September 25 at the Excel ICC, London.

The IQScope-RT Coherent Optical Receiver is now available with standard models operating with 42 GHz and 70 GHz electrical bandwidth, the highest bandwidth commercially available for a Coherent Optical Receiver. This product is the result of a close engineering collaboration between Coherent Solutions and Teledyne LeCroy, and provides a hardware design tailored to give the highest possible performance, stability, reliability and accuracy for any Optical Modulation Analyzer. The IQScope-RT is controlled via the intuitive GUI of the LabMaster, and also fully exploits the advanced signal processing tools developed by Teledyne LeCroy. Units with 42 and 45 GHz electrical bandwidth are currently in production, with the first customer deliveries scheduled for October. The 70 GHz version will be demonstrated at ECOC, with customer deliveries planned to commence in January 2014.

The analyzers use Teledyne LeCroy’sLabMaster 10 Zi series of real-time oscilloscopes. LabMaster provides industry-leading performance, with bandwidths from 20 to 65 GHz and sample rates up to 160 GS/s. With its high-speed, real-time sampling, LabMaster can perform the digital signal processing required to analyze DPQPSK signals. LabMaster oscilloscopes utilize a modular design that allows up to twenty acquisition modules to be used with a single control module. With ChannelSync architecture, LabMaster acquisition modules can be perfectly synchronized, extending the already unique channel density performance by a factor of twenty to achieve up to eighty channels at 36 GHz and forty channels at 65 GHz.

“Since we began our collaboration with Coherent Solutions in 2011, the combined strengths of our respective companies have been a real asset to developing a successful, fully integrated OMA system,” stated Roberto Petrillo, Teledyne LeCroy’s VP Worldwide Sales & Marketing. “As soon as you use the product, especially the analysis capabilities of the software, you immediately understand that the OMA system really is the result of a very close and successful collaboration.”

Roberto goes on to say, “It is apparent that the optical communications expertise and knowledge of the OMA market that Coherent Solutions brought to the table was invaluable, not only to us but also to our customers. Moving forward, both of our sales and application engineering teams will continue to work closely together. Customers are already seeing the benefit of this approach and we anticipate that together with Coherent Solutions we will rapidly take a leadership position in this market.”

“We are very excited to launch the IQScope-RT,” says Andy Stevens, CEO of Coherent Solutions. “Together with Teledyne LeCroy we have been conducting a number of user feedback sessions and customer demonstrations over the last three months. The feedback has been very positive. In fact the interest has been so strong that we already have an order backlog and a very strong forecast.”

“We work with our customers very closely,” continues Andy, “a number of our recent engagements have been with R&D groups moving into coherent optical communications for the first time. We have been helping them to specify, select and build complete lab reference systems. Our flexibility and depth of experience in this market is becoming an important part of our value proposition, which we plan to expand in the future. For this product, we are now visiting and supporting customers with the Teledyne LeCroy sales and application engineers beside us. They are extremely well trained and knowledgeable about the LabMaster 10 Zi.

Customers really appreciate being able to ask a detailed technical question about either the scope or the OMA as a whole, and get an immediate and accurate response. It is a very complementary partnership.”

At ECOC, Coherent Solutions will also be launching the IQScope-ERT which offers all the features of the IQScope-RT when used with a LabMaster 10 Zi, but with an additional four output channels which enable the coherent receiver to be connected to an appropriately configured equivalent-time oscilloscope. The proprietary IQScope technology enables homodyne detection techniques to be used in conjunction with the high bandwidth and vertical resolution of equivalent time oscilloscopes.

This is ideal for detailed characterization of high bandwidth transmitters. The 70 GHz IQScope-ERT coupled to an equivalent-time oscilloscope with similar or greater bandwidth can accurately analyze a 120 Gbaud modulated optical signal, capturing over 2000 data points for each transition. This is an incredibly powerful tool for 400 G+ device and system developers.

An IQScope 10-36 Zi OMA System will be demonstrated at the Teledyne LeCroy booth 362 and a 70 GHz version of the IQScope-ERT will be demonstrated in the adjoining Coherent Solutions booth 363.