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PublicEngines Announces Cross-Agency Sharing of Crime Data Now Possible, Opening New Era in Crime Analysis

siliconreview PublicEngines Announces Cross-Agency Sharing of Crime Data Now Possible, Opening New Era in Crime Analysis

Cloud Computing Power of CommandCentral™ Allows Agencies to Share Crime Data With Nearby Areas

• Interjurisdictional sharing of crime data has long been a pursuit of law enforcement to see the bigger picture of crime in and outside their own area

• A new module for CommandCentral Analytics™ allows agencies to easily share data with each other in a single application

• Agencies can see the big picture of crime trends, compare data, and more easily solve crimes

• Cross-agency data sharing is facilitated by the power of cloud computing and safe data storage technologies pioneered by PublicEngines Salt Lake City, April 29, 2014 – Sharing and analyzing crime data in neighboring jurisdictions has long been a desire of law enforcement agencies. But, historically it has only been in the hands of a few organizations with big budgets to create large, expensive data sharing initiatives.

PublicEngines, the leading provider of cloud-based crime analysis solutions seeks to change that by making the sharing of crime data available to every agency. Today the company announced a new capability in its industry leading CommandCentral Analytics service that allows nearby agencies to share data with each other, known as Interjurisdictional Data Sharing. With it, agencies can visualize crime details, trends, and issues across neighboring, participating agencies.

While analyzing crime data across agencies has always been the goal for law enforcement agencies, it has been unachievable because of the obstacles of traditional server-based applications. Securely exporting the data from RMS and CAD systems, storing it in one location, normalizing crime types, sharing regular updates, and managing independent data sets have been too complicated for most agencies to take on.

Because CommandCentral is a cloud-based application, its new Interjurisdictional Data Sharing module takes advantage of secure cloud-based data storage to easily aggregate the data from subscribing agencies so they can gain new insights not previously available. Once set up, the application automatically pulls the data daily from each agency’s RMS and CAD systems, cleans data errors, and publishes it for each agency to review. Current data visualizations and analysis is automatically updated with new data. With the Interjurisdictional Data Sharing Module, law enforcement can now benefit from seeing the big picture of crime data across jurisdictional boundaries, and find broader crime trends, benchmark and compare crime data by area, crime types, and date ranges, track the impact of agency initiatives on crime displacement, and spot criminal activity that uses jurisdictional limitations to their advantage. Because it is part of CommandCentral Analytics, agencies can view their data on a map or through a myriad of data visualizations for specific crimes, compare data across agencies and beats, and drill down to see the underlying information, including narrative fields.

As a unique cloud-based solution, the Interjurisdictional data sharing module features:

• One single data platform. Data is shared in a common, secure data center for easy access by each participating agency.

• Cloud-based access so officers and command staff can access it from anywhere.

• Real-time, daily updates. Data is automatically updated daily from each agency.

• Simple data integration from any RMS or CAD system.

• Jurisdictional boundaries, by importing shape files for agency jurisdictions and beats to segment the data.

• Easy On/Off controls make turning on and viewing partner-agency data as simple a clicking a single button.

• Key visualizations and analytics tools that allow agencies to see the data in a meaningful way.

• The highest levels of data security, including industry-leading virtual and physical security. “We recently surveyed our law enforcement customers on their interest in Interjurisdictional Data Sharing, and an overwhelming 92% of agencies said they would want to see their data along with surrounding agencies,” said William Kilmer, CEO of PublicEngines. “The benefits of data sharing are clear to agencies and we are very excited to provide this capability and fulfill a big need in the market.”

CommandCentral Analytics is a cloud-based application that delivers the power of data analytics, visualization, and information sharing to enable law enforcement agencies to make better intelligence-led decisions at every level. It’s a powerful and intuitive crime analytics dashboard that allows analysts to effortlessly turn crime data into intelligence, identify and understand strategic priorities, and break down information silos.

PublicEngines develops easy-to-use, cloud-based software that helps law enforcement, government, defense, and other organizations gather, analyze, and share intelligence to improve public safety. Used by more than 2,000 organizations worldwide, our market-leading solutions are accessible wherever you are, and are easy-to-deploy with minim