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Connect with the PM with a click of an App

siliconreview Connect with the PM with a click of an App

With his digital presence, Narendra Modi is one of the prime minister has become one of the famous figures among the netizen. Not only famous, he is one of the easily accessible prime ministers that India has ever come across. He is always talked about for his tech savvy nature and his digital presence. Now this internet friendly person has launched its own app.  Narendra Modi Mobile App provides a unique way to connect to the PM. People can directly receive e-mails and message from the PM.

This android based app is also made so that people can share their views and ideas with the PM about all the decisions he is taking for the benefit of the country.

With all Digital India going around, this is another step of the PM to make the India digital literate.

It is a one stop platform where everyone can see all the updates and activities that PM is doing.

It is something totally different he has done in the history of India. We all know how difficult is to meet the prime minister or make a contact with them. There are lot of problems that is happening around and what best than directly informing it to your own PM. Not only problems, any help, any views of you will be read by him directly. So connecting to the PM is just a matter jiffy now.

Narendra Modi is the first political leader to have developed an app for him to digitally connect with the citizen of India. Through this app people can see anything from his biography to day-to-day activities.

The features

  • Direct emails and messages are sent from the PM
  • Option of contributing and earning badges through to-do tasks
  • There is option of listening to various ‘Mann Ki Baat’ editions of Prime minister
  • Interaction with the PM and sharing ideas and suggestions
  • There is an option of reading Prime Minister Blogs.
  • You can get of reading all PM,s blog
  • Get all the insights on the biography of Narendra Modi
  • Comprehensive information on initiatives and achievements of the Union Government, including an ‘infographics’ section

So with this app, our PM is just a download away.