Coupondunia tunes up your shopping experience with its new app for discounts with offline market

Coupondunia tunes up your shopping experience with its new app for discounts with offline market
The Siliconreview
19 August, 2015

With e-commerce high growth and things going digital segments like digital coupon business has also come a long way like any other online commerce. According to reports of online shopping and retail trends the coupon business is 13.5 per cent of the total e-commerce shoppers in India, growing at the rate of 62.9 percent with 7.6 million unique users a month.

Coupon Dunia is one such platform which is backed by Times Internet and has witnessed a high growth over the last 1 year. At first they were a 50 member company (last May), and this year they are about 190. With time their revenue has also doubled and that has helped them in making large investments to shift to big office space for retail and restaurants.

CouponDunia does about a 10 million sessions in a month between mobile and web apps. And presently it has more than 2000 online stores and 5000 restaurants. For offline it does about a 1000 transactions per day.

Another interesting part to it is that it has ventured into concrete retail store and has come up with a new app where you will be sent live discount coupons to your phone when you are near to a mall or shopping complex. It has an automatic location intelligence and detection facility so that it is easy for you find the nearest restaurants and stores offering huge discounts. Isn’t that amazing?

Coupondunia has tied up with more than 200m brands and few are Marks & Spencers, Calvin Klein and Arrow for offline part.

For e-commerce, the company is on track to drive $170 million (INR 1000 crores) of GMV this year. CouponDunia is currently looking to scale fast rather than looking out for profits. It is constantly looking out for expanding into new verticals and next month there is good news for all. CouponDunia is getting into grocery coupons as well, and plans are underway that beauty and health will soon be joining the list. “We have a few other verticals for later in the year that I can’t mention yet,” says Sameer Parwani, Founder & CEO, CouponDunia. Don’t forget to stay in the loop for more interesting offers that might come your way.

Mydala CouponNation, Cashkaro and Peenyful are some of the competitors of Coupondunia both in the offline and online fields.

The company sees a huge potential in the hyperlocal market as more than half of our earnings goes into purchasing daily household needs. Coupon business surely has a huge scope for success in India due to the ever changing needs of us humans.

At present, the new app is available in Mumbai, Delhi (NCR), Bengaluru, Pune, Chennai and Ahmadabad. Cheers to these Tier I cities. And Tier II cities, you need not worry much, because coupondunia is soon coming to you!