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For the home’s sake

siliconreview For the home’s sake

Just like we do make-up and grooming to add that extra spark and glamour to our beauty and personality, so does every single thing in this world. Be it a garden which needs proper care and time-to-time trimming, or an empty house that instantly changes its ambience one we start decorating it with various objects, colors, curtains and of course with the beautiful people leaving in it. Coming to decoration and interior designing, people have different choices of their own; some like to do it the old traditional way, some like it ultra-modern and some like a fusion of both. If I am asked about my preference, then it would be the mix of both. Traditional with a modern touch! Sounds cool right? Yes this is the current trend too that is getting popular among many interior designers and decorations lovers and is a hype among people who want to transform the look of their houses and planning for something new and different.

And the good news for them is Homesake.in, an online store for contemporary hand-crafted home decor. Co-founder Avi Jain wanted to arrive at a point where traditional Indian handicrafts techniques and modern designs can be blended together and offered to the customers. Inspired by the contemporary way of living Homesake.in manufactures products using the handcrafted way.

This has assumed importance in the modern day, as the handicraft industry has become obsolete and has earned the dubious distinction of not aligning with the market demand of the masses.

Homesake.in appreciates and supports artisans to work towards reviving of our old age, long-lost art forms. The team believes that it is their business model that sets them apart. Products are directly taken from the artisans and made available at the best possible prices. Apart from home decor, Homesake also offers antique glass craft, royal craft metal drizzling crystal ware, table and wall mountings, votive and lights. Also available are candle stands, hurricanes and photo frames too to choose from.

The business structure
Presently Homesake.in is operating on a C3 platform – content, community and commerce. And as there are no middlemen or third party involved they are able to maintain transparency and quality in business.

India as a country is deep rooted in its culture and heritage of art and crafts and is one of the nations to engage in the finest art work till date. The Ajanta and Ellora caves are the biggest example and then the list is never ending. It is in the genes of us. So incorporating a different platform for Indian art and craft is a moment of pride; a platform where people can come and share their varied ideas and display their work. Homesake.in is still working on the technology part to further improve their services.

Homesake is also working on launching India’s biggest crowd-sourced home decor magazine. Initially it started off with funding of Rs.25 lakhs from family and friends and had successfully bagged 1,000 orders. Average order value is 1,000- 1,200. The mission of the company is to cater to the customized needs of the customers so it took them a year’s time to curate and design the stuff accordingly.

Livspace, Pepperfry, Goodearth and Pure Living are other competitors in the same space. However, their exclusive work on designs, customization and getting things manufactured directly by the artisans without any third party is Homesake’s speciality.