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How to get a perfect working environment in the office?

siliconreview How to get a perfect working environment in the office?

Spending time with the family now only comes during weekends and the holidays. In this generation, we spend more time with our co-workers rather than our family. So our moods, our emotions are now more affected by the office people and its environment. A bad mood can ruin the environment and a happy mood can cheer everything up.

The work environment is directly proportional to the employee’s productivity.  A good work environment can increase the productivity of the employees and vice versa.

Here are few tips to increase the productivity and to keep the employees motivated.

Keep a pleasant environment

Try to keep a family like environment. Remember we are always most comfortable while we are with our family or closed ones.  Creating something totally like that is not possible because to some extent it is important to keep professional environment too.  But keeping comfortable environment is always advised.

As the employs are spending most of their hours in office, a comfortable environment is needed to increase the productivity. Make them feel like they are very wanted and needed in the company. Let them know you always have their back and can fight for them in during their troubles.

Know the employees well

Companies are like one large family. So knowing each and every employee is important. Have a good grip on their backgrounds. Try to figure out what motivates them and what does not. Know their reasons behind working. May be she is single mother or he is a freshly graduate: try to figure out what instigate them the most. It will help you to build a support system that is both beneficial and motivating for the employees.

Make them understand the logic behind the company

While joining, provide them with all the details of the company. Make them understand the structure of the company and how it works. See that they never feel lost about the company and about its offerings and services. An employee will be productive after having a crystal clear image of the company. Train the employees properly so that they can get a good idea about the office work and the work culture.

Give them appreciation

May be in form of bonus and incentives; make them realize that they have done a good job.  Appreciations means you are adding a value to the hard work the employee did. It also enhances their self confidence and increases their willingness to do better.

Work on the office décor

We all like places with bright color or with a good décor. A dull office will make the employees dull. Good interior decorations always cheer the mood up. And we all know good mood can do wonders. Put colorful posters, motivational quotes: that will be pleasing to the eyes.

Give them leaves

Working and relaxing should go hand in hand. Every human being needs a vacation to clear their mind and health. It relaxes the body and the brain which is much needed in our busy schedule. Give them vacation so they can spend some time with their loved ones or alone. It will be a good idea to plan an office trip also. This will also build a relationship among the employees.

Create a recreation room for them

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.

A recreation room is the place where the employees can lose their stress. It helps to freshen up mind. A little chat, a game, a little hanging around in the recreation room actually acts like a stress buster. Constant work makes the thing monotonous and the employees tend to lose concentration and creativity.

Availability of good food

Open a small canteen where the employee can sit and have some yummy food. Good food always cheers you up. Long work hours make them hungry. And when you are hungry the brain actually stops working.

Don’t be partial

No matter it is mother’s sister brother or just an office colleague: treat everyone equally. Pay them on their working ability not on the basis of the relationship you share. May be one employee entered the job with a strong reference: that does not mean he will be benefitted.  In a working place the quality should get importance than the personal relationship.

These are few tips that will increase the productivity in your office. Try it and see the result yourself.