Make your blog a Superstar today

Make your blog a Superstar today
The Siliconreview
18 August, 2015

It is not mandatory of every company or organization to have a blog for their products, services or activities. But in this era of digitalization and internet, everybody wants things at the fastest possible manner. It is not possible to send out company brochure or catalogue to a huge mass hence opting to the online platform is easy meat! That is why we find almost all the big, small and medium-sized companies now have a separate blog of their own showcasing their products & services, events, IT solutions, recent news and many other related topics. This way, it is easy to take your message to a large number of audiences and get the maximum followers and even customers and clients in the long run.

But aimlessly writing and putting up contents on the blog is not the right way. Many bloggers fail to understand that putting up stale content does not attract attention and neither does simply advertising your products does any benefit. Many companies often tend to forget that they have a blog, and even if they are aware of it, they are not regular. Once in a month they just come in and fill it up with news of any product launch of the company or any random story. That is so just not the right thing! Your customers or audiences will be put off and will drift away to some other blogs which are up-to-date, interesting and has stories to tell.

So what are the parameters that need to be kept in mind to make your blog a one-stop destination for your customers and target audience? Let’s have a look –

Publish Regularly – It is a known fact that posting regularly or on a daily basis is not possible for most of us due to hectic work schedule or not enough content to put up and hence there is created a lapse in the content. So to avoid that gap, we should aim to post regularly. Now regularly here can be every day, twice a week or once a week. You choose what best suits you. But when you follow this pattern, stick to it. Because your audiences have high expectation from you, and if they are used to your pattern of posting, they too will follow the same schedule. Because it better to be consistent than to be prolific for a week and disappear for a month! It might happen that at a point of time creativity is at its peak and you have so much to put up. Stock those! Why? So that when you have nothing to post, you can release those stocked up content one by one on a regular basis instead of sitting and gazing at your empty blog. Keep your language simple; one that your audience can relate to – Before you want to communicate your message you have to first know whom you want to target this message to; your target audience. Keeping in mind your audience you have choose what kind or level of language you want to use. If you are B2C or your blog is on lifestyle or food or something in the similar domain and your content is full with jargon, then God forbid, people will not take a look back at your blog. And similarly, if your blog in on technical solutions and gadgets and you use simple language than even your granny can understand then you are using the wrong language altogether.

Write what your customers want to know, not what you feel – Companies always want to highlight their products and services or use the blog as an advertising platform. But apart from this, customers see these blogs as a platform for gaining valuable information. Try to know your customer’s needs and provide them with the information they are looking for. By doing this not only you will gain attention and more followers but also your customer’s trust and loyalty, and they will be coming back for more. Try to put more focus on customer’s pain points and figure out what issues they are facing and then write an interesting article addressing these problems.

Educate your readers – Your way of writing should be such that it doesn’t give a wrong idea to your customers that you are only trying to push your customers into buying your products. Many people do that by using flowery language and sugarcoating things and highlighting points to make customers fall easy prey to it. But remember, an intelligent customer will always get through it. Instead of constantly nagging about your offerings, educate your audience about the benefits, what are the queries that they have and should ask to themselves and their vendors. Your aim as a professional should be to maintain good relationship with your readers so that when they plan to buy or opt from a particular service, they come to the trusted source. That is you!

Highlight your customers and reward them – Customers are the supreme asset of any business whatsoever. We all want to keep them happy and satisfied. Your clients and customers add feathers to your hat and make your brand more credible. Try putting them up in some of your posts as authors and what they have to say. Same can be done with the employees. The cherry on the cake factor – when you feature them, they will do marketing for you, after all everybody loves publicity! You can also facilitate your customers with coupon codes and timely discounts on various products and services.

Keywords – Keywords play a very important role in determining the quality of your bog and gives an overall idea to the readers of what the blog is all about. Rich keywords come up at the top of Google search and helps in bettering Search engine optimization. Spend good time on searching for relevant keywords and business and also look out for synonyms of the same.

Visual effect is always better – Include images, graphics, videos, charts and tables; whatever seems relevant to the topic can be incorporated to give a better understanding to the readers. The attention span of readers now is very low. They don’t want to read long articles pages after pages. It becomes monotonous and boring and they are put off after a point of time. Images and a bit of color serve as a mood enhancer. Also try putting a touch of fun factor (of course related to the topic) in your writing. Look out for the best time of the day to publish your article – This is a very crucial factor. You need to be alert as to when your readers are visiting your blog and how much time they are spending. Google analytics is the best option to gain that knowledge. The best time of scheduling your posts will vary in terms of the audience you are targeting and the verticals you are focusing on. Right time helps in reaching out to a wide range of audiences.

Your blog should be one that is easily searchable – Make your blog search easy for your readers. Categorize and archive your contents on the basis of dates, topics, domains, keywords or phrases and tags, so that readers instantly lands on the page they are looking for instead of going on searching aimlessly.

Make use of social media platforms to get maximum coverage – People are addicted to social media and spend a lot of time on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Keep promoting your blogs regularly and not just when you publish anything. This way it will come to the notice of the readers. And also link back articles to older ones if there is any relevant connection with the same. Measure and determine what is right and what is wrong – Web analytics play a huge part in determining what it is that brings people to your site; what keywords readers are following, which blog posts are getting the maximum likes and views, and how long people are spending in a particular post and why they are spending on that particular posts. By analyzing these weekly, you can get an idea of what is working for you and what is not.