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New Start-up ZappFresh to improve your meat-buying experience

siliconreview New Start-up ZappFresh to improve your meat-buying experience

A time when every single thing from gadgets to apparels is available at your door step with this great innovation called online shopping and the facility of home delivery then why not meat and poultry?

Yes now you will say that it does exist and BigBasket, Nature’sbasket, Youmart and few more are there that has taken care of this need of us too. But not instant fresh meat procured from local farms!

Yeah, you heard me; Right? Gurgaon-based start-up ZappFresh has come up with this new idea of an online platform where people in and around the city can order different varieties of meat, nicely packaged and delivered at your doorstep.

Deepanshu Manchanda and Shruti Gochhwal are the founders of ZappFresh. The thought that even meat lovers hate the idea of buying meat form local shops as it is obviously not a very pleasant experience, gave them the spark to come up with something like ZappFresh.

Before ZappFresh came into existence
Deeptanshu who is a hard-core foodie has spent the last few years by working for and with different start-ups. He founded an educational venture and then opened an organic bakery called Cho’o’Leaf in Delhi. But that did not succeed and eventually he joined MobiKwik in 2013 where he spent last 2 years before he ventured out for entrepreneurship.

“As a failed entrepreneur, you learn what you shouldn’t do, rather than what you should do. I learnt that the market was not ready for very niche products like the organic bakery that I had started. This time, I wanted something not-so-niche, and started researching on it,” said Deepanshu.

While Shruti was an engineering student from Delhi University, who started her own line of clothing a few years back. Due to health issues she had to close it and now is back in action with ZappFresh. Shruti met Deeptanshu in MobiKwik where she spent some time to shape her career.

What’s the specialty of ZappFresh?
There were always other options like a retail store or online grocery store but Deeptanshu did not want to compete with local shops, and rather wanted to create something different and out-of-the-box, and so started off with ZappFresh, a professional meat-shopping experience.

ZappFresh takes their supplies of meat from meat farms in and around Gurgaon where regular quality checks and inspections are conducted to maintain high quality.

Customers can choose from a range of over 40 different items, including whole chicken, mutton and pork, exotic meats like quail, turkey and duck, and pre-cooked items like, kababs, chicken popcorn, marinated barbecue and various cold cuts like ham, sausages and salami.

The mobile app for ZappFresh will soon be launched. Till then, customers can place their order by calling or texting them or through watsapp at +919015553322 (ZappFresh Meatline number). It currently outsources to a hyperlocal logistics company.

The meat that is packaged is put into beautiful wrappers designed in-house with sweet little notes before they are delivered to the customers.

The business of meat shops
The meat arena is not as overwhelming as the rest markets. It is mainly for big businesses and exports, and nothing at all available for B2C consumption. There was a huge gap and ZappFresh is all set to fill up that gap and it is surely going to be a success as predicted from the number of orders they get per day. “ZappFresh gets at least 30 orders per day”, said Deeptanshu.

According to the research material gathered by him, the meat market is estimated at INR 110,000 crores, with a CAGR of 18 percent over the last three years. The average spend on meat by a three member family is approximately INR 2,500 every month. This is a huge untapped market, and there are also other players trying to get a chunk of it.

Onilne Vs Offline: A meaty business
Online business seems to be very influential now-a-days. But Deeptanshu says that he once met Fathima Batcha, Founder of BatchaBai, which has both, offline and online meat ordering facilities. On being asked why both, she said that she wanted to showcase their products to our customers in a place where customers would be able to see the difference between them and other meat shops. Once they have the trust of the customers, they can follow up with online and phone orders.

Be it online or offline, it doesn’t matter. It is just working fine for Batcha Bai and ZappFresh. Neither of them compromise on quality. And Deeptanshu says that they might even consider breeding their own animals in a farm soon.