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Trade shows – a great marketing tool!

siliconreview Trade shows – a great marketing tool!

Events, trade shows and meet ups are one of the best practices for any B2B Company that enables them to further grow their business and take a step ahead.
From lead generation to building new relations or starting any new business or signing a deal; trade shows perform a lot of functions.
Though with the evolution of digitalization, marketing practices are also becoming digital and has seen wide acceptance as well and it is not wrong to say that offline marketing has since declined. Yet Trade shows today holds a strong platform and is an important phenomenon for B2B businesses and take up a major part of their budget.
Allocating budgets towards something that is experienced is always good but utilizing it to the fullest extent is what is desirable.
Businesses can turn trade shows into great marketing tool that they are.

Build a strong reputation:
A trade event is a stage where businessmen gather together to buy and sell their ideas, services and products. So it has people both from the demand side and supply side of the market. This is the crowd most businesses die for to be a part of. If you decide to be a speaker at the event then you have the advantage of bringing your business to the limelight, where everybody is deemed to take notice. In the process you let others know about what your business deals with, you are someone who knows the business inside out, and someone who can be trusted with their business if they needed your services. Public speaking is not everyone’s cup of tea, but giving a try never harms. The results always might not be overwhelming but it will surely encourage you to repeat it over and over again, because as the saying goes ‘practice makes a man perfect’.

Generate leads:
Lead generation is an important step for any business today. Making the most out of any situation or the resources is a wise act. Building a stall or kiosk for customer to come up and get the desired information they are looking for, arranging face-to-face meeting with key prospects at the event are some of the greatest ideas that can be put to use. You can also create an event page on your website or other social media platforms updating attendees about the trade show and what all is going to happen.
Look out new suppliers:
Most businesses restrict their interaction only to people dealing with similar business or domains. Considering the fact that there will be tons of participants from the supply side, doing is a waste and loss of a great opportunity. Don’t get glued to your seat, rather move around and interact with various potential partners and suppliers for your business. Get quotes of tools and software your company handles and compare the prices with the existing market to figure out the best deals. It also keeps you updated with innovations in manufacturing and service delivery in your industry. This leads to healthy competition.
SEO brownie points:
The website which is set up for a trade event typically provides all the details of the businesses and businessmen along with a very brief description about them to help attendees figure out whom to meet. This event website links back to your business website thus letting others know about your work.
Emails from the event organizers to their registered database often carry details about businesses that will be participating. Making sure that your business gets a link back is a great step from an organic SEO perspective. Besides, accurate name address phone number information with a business description will also help your local SEO, as events and trade shows are geographically localized phenomena.