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Will You Get The Amazon Echo Home?

siliconreview Will You Get The Amazon Echo Home?

Technology buffs and the fans of gadgets know how to value new devices and how to use each close to similar gadgets differently. It is the new advanced technology, regular add on and updates, and, the little bit uniqueness that attracts these target potential customers and make them always ready to buy it, no matter what the price is. Being updated and advanced all the time is the motive of these people.

So, if a smart home device like Amazon Echo comes to the market with facilities like Siri-with-a-speaker, there is seriously no doubt that these particular people will buy it. The price is $180, but that will not make any big change in their decision.

Now, how is Echo different from the Apple Watch or any smartphones in that matter?

Well, like any other devices, it will forecast weather, tell you what the time is, provide you all the latest information you want and will play music for you also. But the difference is you do not have to go to the device to operate it or even do not have to look at it. Only your one voice is enough for it to start its services for you. The best part is you can easily continue with the work you were doing and there is no need to pause it for the device.

Want to hear another uniqueness of Amazon Echo?

It is the facility to be able to update the device with all the new applications and features provided by Amazon all the time. Just like one of the new features is Echo IFTTT Channel which let the users create new IFTTT “recipes,” or use existing ones that work with Gmail, Evernote, Nest thermostats and more.

Now, the question is who all will not be interested anyway to buy this technology. Of course those people who thinks that they already have one which can give them all the facilities they want and the new Echo is not that different from that one or do not save a lot more of their time than that or the price is too high.

But, does that mean that the Echo by Amazon will not get enough customers? No way. As we said earlier, people who are always ready to buy these new gadgets, the reason is that they always want to be updated and advanced in terms of technology; we believe on July 14 when the device will hit the market, there will definitely be a storm of customers on every Amazon platform.