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Factors to create an engaging Website

siliconreview Factors to create an engaging Website

Does your website engage customers? Or does it just hold information about your company?

Just holding information about the company is not sufficient. It will never increase your website traffic. How many times have you seen a website and just fell in love with it?

Yes, that’s how a website should be. A website should be consumer engaging. Only then will the customer stick on to it.

The first step to making this happen is to engage them with a website that is both appealing to the eyes and contains useful and informative content.

Internet travelers have limited patience. They are fed up with reading long posts and clicking around websites without finding what they need. No matter how useful or needed your product or service, a website that is poorly designed featuring walls of text and an unappealing color scheme will simply fail to attract and maintain visitor attention.

So a summary of the important factors that is needed to create an engaging website are as follows.

The Design

Make the interface simple and user friendly. It will be a great idea if the website is made by someone professional who has a good knowledge about customer engagement.

The website should look brilliant. That is the first thing a user gets attracted too. At first glance everyone looks at the design, not the content. Think out of the box about the design.  Users are bored to see the old layout of the website. Make it different. But make all options clear so that users never have to use their brains to search things.

Don’t clutter the website. Keep it simple.

The Image

Use images sensibly. An image speaks a thousand words.  It is the one of the best ways to communicate. A picture will always stays in the user’s mind. Use it carefully. If your images do not clearly communicate what your brand is about, they serve no purpose.

Don’t put a single main image in your website and believe that the user will understand your brand. That doesn’t mean you will fill the website with pictures. There should be a balance in both written content and image.

The Video

Video is the new way to communicate with users. Being spoilt by options, our attention span is decreasing day by day. Nobody has the time to read long posts. But in a video, communicating is easy. It also stays in the mind of the consumer.

It is a new way to retain customers’ attention. A user will be happy to see the company’s work rather than reading about it.

Be sure that you have put relevant videos that will link the users to your company.

The Color

Make sure you use the color of the logo and the brand to make your company highlighted. This is because the visitors can then easily associate the color with your brand.

If your brand logo is black and white, it is of no good in using other colors scheme in your website. It will be difficult for the users to identify your website in the clutters.

The Content

Keep the content simple, useful and short. Nobody loves to read long winded copies.

Break the sentence into paragraphs that will break the monotony in reading.

Make the content as interesting as possible. Users love to read creative content. Choose the content writer for your website carefully. Make sure the person can think out of the box and can write catchy lines.

The content should be useful for the users, provide them with blog articles, video tutorials or webinars on topics that are of interest for your visitors. This will make them feel that there is something important for them.
The font and size of the writing should be clear so that the users do not have to strain their eyes. If they find it difficult to read, they will be out of the website in no time, never returning back.

The content should be engaging. This will help you retain the users in the website.

Social Presence of the Website

To search, people now go to Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc before looking up in Google.

Today’s socially active users will not even consider looking up your profile if they cannot like it on Facebook. The company’s presence will not be felt if the users are not able to tweet about it.

So to get popular among the consumers all the companies should have social presence. They should magnify their visibility by creating accounts at least in Facebook and Twitter. Having a social media presence, is not an option anymore. It has become compulsory. Users will not even consider you as a brand if the company does not have a social media account.

This will increase word of mouth and also the users will be sure that they have other options to connect with you.

The links

Put all the relevant links of the company’s work in the website. This will give the user a fare idea about the things that you are doing. They can click on a link and can get all the details.

A Secure Website

People are becoming aware of the threats of the internet.

If you sell your product or services through your website, make sure you have a secure website. This will help in building trust. Make them believe that their payment details will be secure with you.

Make the Website Memorable

Are your pictures nice? Is your content full of humor? Do users become happy visiting your site? The website should be unique highlighting the USP of the brand.

Create a memorable experience for the user. It will help the company to position themselves in the mind of the customers.

Just creating a website for having an online presence is not enough anymore. To ensure customer traffic, companies need to engage them. They need to give them good experience. Only then a company can change a user into a loyal customer.

To sum up, the website should be visually attractive with valuable contents. It should have logical and intuitive navigation with a user friendly interface.  A website with all these factors will create a lasting impression in the minds of users.