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How investing on a walking desk might open up opportunities for more creativity and productivity combined with good health

siliconreview How investing on a walking desk might open up opportunities for more creativity and productivity combined with good health

In today’s strenuous life, no one in sitting idle and having a gala time. Everyone is involved in a rat’s race chasing each other, why? The answer is just to earn money and have a better lifestyle. Let’s accept the fact that at the end of the day all we want is money; money to survive and fulfill all our lavish needs and demands. But in order to get that so called “lavish” life, you have to work, harder and longer!

So harder and longer means we have to put more energy and more time; Right? Then what is left for us, ourselves; where is that balance between professional and personal life, where is the “me” time that we all are entitled to? These are some of the frequent problems that every entrepreneur, worker and professional complain about. But complaining does no good. You yourself need to make it happen.

Again, don’t get it wrong; “me” time here doesn’t mean having a leisure time, partying or just sitting idle doing nothing. Here it is how you can rejuvenate and recreate yourself and make yourself stress free from the daily chaos and work load. Entrepreneurs have to constantly deal with mental, emotional and physical pressure and test their tolerance on every level. Due to this, the primary thing that gets cut down from the to-do-list is regular exercise! Walking desk is the answer to this problem. Change your daily schedule and invest in a walking desk to make your professional and personal life more enthusiastic and thrilling.

Following are a few ways to fuel up your career with the help of a walking desk

Take your creativity a level higher – Steve Jobs, the legend of technology was known for his unmatched creativity and walking meetings. Yes, walking and conducting a meeting! Research has shown than more than sixty percent people become more creative and innovative when they are walking than when they are idle and are glued to their desk. We all have heard of the phrase – “An idle mind is a devil’s workshop”, applies perfectly here. When you are in a constant motion, there is more blood circulation and a healthy exercise of both the mind and body takes place. This leads you to being more creative and full with ideas and more susceptible to solving problems.

Oozing productivity – You can do hell lot of activities simultaneously while using a walking desk Walking desk is a multi-tasking thing. You can read, write, edit, chat and conduct meetings over Skype or phone. The creativity that is dispatched automatically boosts up productivity.

A step ahead to better health and fitness – The Gen-Y today is prone to being obese. The obvious reason – fast food. But obesity only hits those people who keep on munching something or the other without any exercise! No one is stopping you to treat your taste buds with all the delicacies that woo us every single day, but what is desirable is to keep a balance and whatever fat you are consuming, you need to burn that. But then another excuse would be time constraints. So put a ‘No Entry’ board to it by installing a walking desk today! Do your work and exercise at the same time. Medical experts say that walking for at least half-an-hour a day helps in combating chronic illness like Cancer, blood-pressure, heart disease and the like. Another issue is the sitting desk syndrome; people tend to get osteoporosis and Spondylitis sitting in one particular place and position for 8-10 hours. Move around, walk and run to avoid such deadly attacks.

Stress buster – Every professional has to deal with a certain amount of stress related to work or other personal aspects. Stress is a nervous energy that drives one forward to achieve their goals, but sometimes this might be harmful and irritating. Walking and exercising can help to curb that bad energy and leave you to be more relaxed and focused.


Many of us plan to start a new routine and include exercise in it every single day, which ultimately never happens. But when you combine your exercise with your work, there is a sense of achievement that finally you have done it, without having to put extra time. Walking desk opens up new avenues for creativity, productivity and healthy life. Walk your way to success with walking desk today!