Some of android best application to run on Chromebook

Some of android best application to run on Chromebook
The Siliconreview
01 September, 2015

It is an old bond between Google and Microsoft. If you have a Chromebook and you are ready to merge the mobile world with the desktop, here are some Android applications that are worth trying out.

It provides the user with the option for keeping tabs in multiple email accounts.
It is the best option for Chromebook because Google operating application does not come with email app like Outlook, which has multi email account facility. So you can string all your e-mail accounts together. With its clean interface and a smooth running nature in Chrome OS, it is a good way to manage all the e-mail accounts.
It is another application that one can try on the Chromebooks. The mobile application is much more focused on videos than the web version.

This is another good application for your Chromebook. The company has made a lot of efforts in bringing the Google’s Material Design to its Android app. That makes it perfect for Chromebook.

What can be better voice and video calling service than Skype? You got to have in your Chromebook
Who does not like a little break from the busy schedule? OverDrive connects you to worldwide libraries for borrowing eBooks, audiobooks and other digital content.
It also gives a detail of the available movie shows and movies. So if you are a movie buff then it is must for you.

It is a cost effective way to learn a new language. It is not at all expensive like other language-learning tool. The application has a series of pictures and interactive game to help you learn with fun. It starts with the easy words and slowly goes to the complex works making the learning process easier.
This Android app works particularly well on Chrome and benefits from the mobile layout.

This app claims over 15 million slide shows in its database, organized by categories like business, technology, and education.
With its wide range of presentations, it is a good way to free your mind and convince the co-workers that you are working.
It is just a small list. They are lots more awesome applications that you can download in your Chromebook to make it more fun and productive.