Samsung Offers the Next Generation Memory Cards with Blistering Speed

Samsung Offers the Next Generation Memory Cards with Blistering Speed
The Siliconreview
18 July, 2016

The forever developing and growing world has no space for old technology; no matter how small & significant. Everything needs an upgrade to keep pace with the advancing technology. Samsung seems to have got the hang of this concept as it is the first to offer the next generation memory cards.

The Korean based electronic giant introduced a new type of memory card, the world’s first removable universal flash storage with varying 32, 64, 128, or 256 gigabytes capacity with unimaginable speed. These cards will ideally be used in high-resolution mobile shooting devices such as DSLRs, 3D VR cameras, action cams, drones, 4K movies as well as 3D gaming. In terms of performance, the best microSD cards available today can only offer 95MB/s whereas the new Samsung cards can be read at 530MB/s.  Samsung says the improvement brings it on par with a typical solid-state drive (SSD), and allows users to read a full-HD movie of 5GB in size in about 10 seconds as opposed to a microSD card that would take 50 seconds. Write speed is also high, with Samsung promising 35,000 random IOPS from its 256 GB card which is 350 times faster than a microSD card, while it’s 170 MB/s sequential write speed is almost double of what you would get from something like a SanDisk Extreme Pro.

When the time comes to transfer your files to a computer, the new cards offer better download time, less thumbnail loading time and less buffering from burst shooting. For fast and efficient data transfer, the card supports multiple commands and command queuing, while separately dedicated paths allow concurrent reading and writing. But, UFS uses a different PIN connection which might make the transition a tricky process.

It is a wait before we get our hands on this one as the prize and the launch date have not been announced yet.