Gmail outage for Google users to continue over 12 hours later

Gmail outage for Google users to continue over 12 hours later
The Siliconreview
16 September, 2016

For the users of Google, the Gmail service for Work cloud-based productivity suite has been down for over 12 hours recently, it appears that in return it affected the users in a number of countries including the U.S. The problem was first acknowledged by Google on its Apps Status Dashboard early morning. “Based on reports, it affects only Google for Work Gmail users,” Google said. Affected users were redirected to a page with ‘Service not available, contact your administrator.’

Soon after that it had recognized the origin of the issue and was implementing a possible fix, Google subsequently said that the Gmail service had already been restored for some users, and at one point said it expected a resolution for all users in the next one hour. In later posts it dropped the promise of a resolution for all users in one hour, suggesting that the problem could be more serious.

 “Please note this time frame is an estimate and may change. Delivery of messages sent to affected users during the issue may be delayed,” it said in these subsequent messages.

Google’s press team referred to the Apps Status Dashboard for the latest information. A number of users reported they were affected. “Gmail is down & I work as a freelance writer & am I law school. You can imagine how my night’s going,wrote a user in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who said she had to apologize to clients but couldn’t do that either