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The Next Era of Digital Marketing

siliconreview The Next Era of Digital Marketing

Marketing is one of the core pillars of business sustainability. The better marketing you do, the more likely are you to get customers and do business. Nowadays, in this digital era, traditional marketing has given way to digital initiatives that are faster, more intuitive and more relevant to today’s consumers.

These changes are a direct response to a rapidly evolving consumer landscape, one in which consumers are empowered with unprecedented access to information, social networks and choice. If you can’t attract their attention or pique their interest with your marketing efforts, someone else undoubtedly will.

The Future of Marketing

To handle the massive amounts of consumer data generated every day; savvy companies are turning to integrated marketing management (IMM). These solutions leverage technology and take a systematic approach to customer segmentation, attribution management, integrated messaging, inbound/outbound campaign management and other industry techniques.

Achieving success requires three essential components:

  • Strategic planning and workflow – Proving the value of marketing requires aligning campaigns across all channels with organizational goals. This creates a collaborative environment among marketing, sales, customer service and outside agencies to help identify what’s working (at what cost) and how well individual efforts are meeting consumer needs.
  • Advanced analytics – A sharp consumer profile comes into view through data from the Web, a call center, email, social media and mobile channels—sometimes in the course of a single transaction. One option is a private digital marketing cloud that relieves the burden of managing custom-tailored IT system interfaces and multi-source, multi-format data to deliver a clearer consumer focus.
  • Multi-channel campaign execution – Digital marketing management should include a messaging center that functions as an integrated part of the platform, rather than an add-on solution. It can act as a real-time campaign execution hub by tapping into a digital marketing cloud and extensible data systems.

While new marketing solutions are often tempting because they solve problems in innovative ways, it can be challenging to integrate those tools into an existing architecture. To make the best decision on which solution is right for your enterprise, create a list of must-have capabilities that will carry your business into the future.

 Measured Results

The goal for any digital marketing management solution is fluidity—marketing that is so good it seems like coincidence to the consumer. This fluidity comes from diligent attention to detail in the strategic planning stages and well-defined processes that facilitate operational collaboration. But there’s a third component to fluidity, and that’s measurement.

Any technology you employ should have an integrated deliverability component that offers a feedback loop to show where your efforts are working and where they fall short. Good marketing creates exposure opportunities, gathers data about consumer behavior during those interactions, and uses that data to inform future activities. It’s an ongoing cycle that drives the organization toward its goals.

The Next Era

The next era of digital marketing management takes a strategic approach to building consumer relationships by maximizing data, leveraging technology automation and integrating directly with campaign execution. This is digital marketing and campaign management delivered together like never before.

Marketers are entering a new age of technological empowerment. Budget dollars and innovative technologies are essential to coordinate multi-million-dollar cross-channel, individually targeted marketing campaigns. New and improved marketing management solutions offer a platform that will help organizations achieve greatness.