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Threat Stack launches new and advanced integrated cloud security suite

siliconreview Threat Stack launches new and advanced integrated cloud security suite

Keeping systems secure has become more complicated as companies adopt cloud and hybrid environments for their systems. To eliminate the need for multiple different security products and give users a single-pane view into workloads, infrastructure monitoring, vulnerability management, threat intelligence and compliance reporting, Threat Stack is launching a new Cloud Security Platform. Threat Stack CSP gives users the immediate visibility and vital insights needed to operate efficiently, prevent data loss and identify and verify threats, while keeping data secure and compliant.

“We recognized an opportunity to evolve with the many companies looking to move into or expand within the cloud. Today’s security needs go beyond singular point solutions, so we have answered the market’s requests with a complete security platform which will not only scale, but meet all of the immediate and future needs of our customers,” says Brian M Ahern, chairman and CEO of Threat Stack. “This integrated platform approach will save our clients money, as well as organizational effort to manage security and compliance initiatives”.

Key features include workload insights to help organizations verify whether their environments have been compromised by insider threats and/or data loss by tracking suspicious user activity, tracking connections to command and control servers and tracking access to secret configuration files. Tracking changes to infrastructure in real-time and generating infrastructure alerts based on user, event name, counts of events, and source IP means changes to a software-defined infrastructure won’t occur without security teams knowing about them.

Threat Stack CSP examines package information and tells the user if there is anything vulnerable. It then organizes workflows around what’s important based on common vulnerabilities and exposure (CVEs). Threat Intelligence lets companies know when workloads are communicating to known bad hosts, and receive granular alerts about who servers are talking to. There’s also real-time visibility, detailed audit trails and built-in compliance reporting provide the historical record companies need to meet compliance regulations and ensure data and infrastructure are protected.