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New update on WhatsApp iOS brings ‘Pinch to zoom’ for video

siliconreview New update on WhatsApp iOS brings ‘Pinch to zoom’ for video

The new update on WhatsApp for iOS brings a additional features like ‘Pinch to Zoom’ on video content, third-party app support for sharing pictures and videos. The latest WhatsApp iOS build (version 2.12.14) brings four new features with it.

The first is ‘Pinch to Zoom’ feature, which has been active on pictures. Now users can zoom in on a video message while it is playing in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp iOS users can also share photos, videos, documents from other apps on their iPhone; apps like Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive are supported. In order to do this, a user has to pick the ‘Choose from another app’ option when sharing a photo or video from the library. This option appears right at the bottom.

Once a user taps on it, the app will ask you to choose from these third-party apps. Note they have to be installed on your iPhone for WhatsApp to reflect them. Go to the option you wish to select, and pick the image or video you wish to share, let it load and it will reflect that picture/video as a WhatsApp message, ready for you share. Users can add a caption to the image, video as well.

That’s not it, iPhone users can now pick from a variety of solid colours for their chat background, and the app has improved design for browsing videos and photos.

just seven years after the app was first launched ,WhatsApp now has 1 billion monthly active users, The instant-messaging app sees nearly 42 billion messages sent each day via its platform, with over 1.6 billion photos being shared daily. Numbers also reveal that over 250 million videos are shared each day on WhatsApp, and that there are over 1 billion groups. WhatsApp also announced new Emojis for its Android app and the update should roll out in India soon.