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Reddit launches its first app for iOS

siliconreview Reddit launches its first app for iOS

The popular and a decade old website Reddit launches its first app for iOS and Android interface, although the app is missing from the Windows platform.

“The app is already the fastest way to browse Reddit, and it will serve as the foundation for many updates to come,” said Reddit co-founder and chief executive Steve Huffman.

Prior to the launch users had to settle for a third party proxy called ‘Alien Blue’ to get their Reddit fix, which the website acquired two years ago, now users from US, UK, Canada and Australia can experience the official app with other countries to follow soon.

The apps allowed specific features for their iOS interface like a ‘speed-read’ button. While features like filtering and finding communities according to user preferences and ‘Card Mode’– where card-shaped content appears on screen-are akin to all users with other updates expected in the near future.

Alex Le, vice president of consumer product at Reddit, said “This is the beginning of our journey with you, our app users. For everyone joining us on this ride, you can expect a lot of updates and new features that we’ll be rolling out to mobile first.”

“The app will bring in an improved inbox, thereby making it easier for the users to read and add comments below the thread. The new app also comes with some exciting features such as ‘card view’ that aims to present multimedia content in a better manner. Users can now instantly share images, articles, and ideas with millions,” he added.

As a good chunk of Reddit’s audience view content on their smartphone, the app was a no brainer. Unsurprisingly enough, the app was one le’s top-priority-list when he joined the website last November.

“We felt really behind,” said Le “The year is 2015, and Reddit’s never really had official apps to give to our users that really deliver on the Reddit experience on mobile devices,” he said.