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Oracle to setup State-of-the-Art campus in Bengaluru

siliconreview Oracle to setup State-of-the-Art campus in Bengaluru

Investments by IT corporate were typically for serving global customers from India but Oracle’s investment on start-ups is about growing the Indian economy from within India and for all of India. This investment is India’s vision to grow the digital future of the country as expressed by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

Oracle’s CFO Safar Cartz had met Mr. Modi during his visit to Silicon Valley, California and the PM called for Oracle’s Investment in India.  Cognizant of PM’s vision, Oracle CFO said “I listened to him, and I really heard what he was saying, and I wanted to help. So I dug deep into the Digital India and the Make in India programs, and I found them to be so important that, even with all of Oracle’s work and investment in India over the past few decades, I went to India myself to help make it a reality.”

He has announced that Oracle will build a State-of-the-Art campus in Bengaluru over the next five years. Cartz also said, “The technology, training, and mentorship provided by the Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator program in India will help foster entrepreneurial talent and innovation across the country.”

In conjunction Mark Hurd, co-CEO said “Starting with our first center in Bengaluru for the Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator program, we will enable emerging Indian technology companies to scale quickly using Oracle Cloud.”

In support of the Prime Minister’s Digital India and Skill India programs, Oracle Academy, the flagship philanthropic program from Oracle, engages with local universities to train more than half a million students throughout India in computer science. Partnering with more than 1,700 educational institutions in India, Oracle Academy is able to reach 430,000 students yearly, to advance computer science education. Oracle Academy is focused towards diverse technology field, skill development, and innovation. Around 3,000 teachers based in India were trained last year in Java and database to meet the road map of the Academy. Ancillary to this, the academy will now expand its partnership to another 1,000 institutions in India. The goal is to reach 100,000 local students annually within the next 3 years.

Oracle feels that it is part of India, part of the communities nationwide where it lives and work, and the company will do its best to contribute and give back.

Source: www.blogs.oracle.com