Snapchat to have more US users soon

Snapchat to have more US users soon
The Siliconreview
21 June, 2016

An image messaging and multimedia mobile application ‘Snapchat’ will have more US users probably by this yearend either Twitter or Pinterest, a market revealed. According to a forecast by eMarketer forecast, nearly one in five people in the country will be using the service. The number of people using Snapchat in the US will leap more than 27 percent this year to 58.6 million.

According to the report, Twitter was expected to have 56.8 million US users this year, and online bulletin board Pinterest to have 54.6 million users. By the year 2020, the rank of US Snapchat users is expected to swell to 85.5 million.
However, eMarketer also forecasted that Facebook Messenger smartphone communication application would remain in the lead in this segment with its US user base growing from 105.2 million this year to 139.2 million in the year 2020.
The company claims to have more than 100 million users globally of the service for sending videos, images and text messages which vanish after being viewed. And some reports say it generates 10 billion video views per day.
Snapchat’s never ending appeal includes letting users “cut through the clutter by injecting fun back into social sharing,” it also rolled out a redesign making it a more attractive stage for publishers or brands to attract online audiences.