Mobile Food Safety App is on its way to be launched by Oklahoma State University

Mobile Food Safety App is on its way to be launched by Oklahoma State University
The Siliconreview
24 July, 2017

One of the most preliminary ways to fall ill in today’s generation is by consuming unhealthy foods and adopting diet habits. Concerned with similar issues, Robert M. Kerr Food & Agricultural Center (FAPC) of Oklahoma State University has initiated to build a mobile application providing food safety information at user’s fingertips.

“Food safety affects food processors and consumers alike,” said Mandy Gross, FAPC communication services manager. “Each year about one in six Americans get sick from food borne diseases. FAPC strives to meet the food safety and security needs of the food industry and the FAPC Connect app is another way to meet these needs.”

This app comes in handy as a food-safety and food-related information provider; it allows users to select their preferred interest from a wide range of topics and can get notified on the concerned topic. With every update on the app, users will be notified about the content, articles, new videos and users can put question to the experts on various food-processing topics.

“The food industry understands the importance and necessity of having a mobile app that provides information about food safety, processing and FAPC in general,” said Roy Escoubas, FAPC director. “We would never have been able to develop and launch the app without the help of our industry sponsors.”

Since 1997, FAPC has delivered food and agricultural processors and entrepreneurs on the forefront of cutting edge, value-added processing and technology. Interestingly, the launch of the app coincides with FAPC’s 20th anniversary.