Was the year 2016 sober for you as Samsung?!

Was the year 2016 sober for you as Samsung?!
The Siliconreview
05 January, 2017

Samsung Note 7 had its grandeur entry, but did it actually go well the yester year? No, it was a huge loss for Samsung with this regard…well, here is what went wrong

The Galaxy Note 7, one of its most high-profile phones, blew up in its face, suffering multiple recalls and bans by airlines before only now flickering out with a final “death update” that essentially bricks the remaining units in the wild.

Reticle Research analyst Ross Rubin asserted “Even if they don’t say anything, on any flight that most people would be taking into Las Vegas, they would be reminded about this issue with the hardware.”

“Samsung has to reassure customers that it knows what happened … and that it’s taking steps to address it,” Current Analysis analyst Avi Greengart said. “So far, we haven’t gotten that message from them.”

Reuters conducted a consumer survey which suggested that 93% of US Note 7 owners swapped their phones from Note 7 to other Samsung phones.

Samsung said “We are working to identify and address what went wrong as quickly as possible, and as part of the investigation we’re re-visiting every step of our engineering, manufacturing and quality control processes, in partnership with independent third-party experts. This investigation has been thorough, and will take time. We take very seriously our responsibility to understand the core issue and once the analysis is complete, to communicate our findings transparently, definitively and quickly.”

Samsung has to prove flawless in its future ventures and wow people with their innovations and needs to build on that with the Galaxy S8, but without the exploding bit.

Samsung needs to make its devices work together better, something that seems to be an eternal problem for the company. It owns all of the pieces of electronics puzzle: TVs, home appliances, mobile devices. Now it needs to put them together.