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Samsung’s C-Lab Rolls out Amazing Gizmos

siliconreview Samsung’s C-Lab Rolls out Amazing Gizmos

The South Korean based tech giant Samsung’s Creative lab is one of the interesting and exciting additions to CES; an acronym for the Consumer Electronics Show. Shortened as C-Lab, the Lab is a place where Samsung’s employees can build and create start-ups, using the MNC’s huge resources.

Samsung has marked a tradition of rolling out the projects and innovations of C-Lab at major trade shows and CES tops the list. So this year, the electronics mammoth is introducing a trio of products next week at CES.

The first on the list is a unique S-Ray (Sound Ray), speaker. Shrinking the technology found in large directional speakers into a more handy size. Wondering how it is useful? You can listen to your tracks without the headphones plugged in or making the whole room listen to your music. It is like being alone in a room with music, even though you’re among people.

The other two are related to healthcare. The first one being Relumino built on an app of the same name introduced by the spin-off at Mobile World Congress last year. The Relumino smart glasses turn Samsung's earlier Gear VR visual aid into dedicated eyewear. With many benefits of this eyewear, this could let those with poor eyesight venture outside or read in greater comfort.

The next one GoBreath serves as a recovery option for those suffering from either lung damage or complications from anesthesia. The system is comprised of a portable breathing device and a mobile app with exercises designed to teach various breathing methods. The app can track progress over time and share that information with a doctor.

Way to go Samsung! We never expect less from you. Gomabseubnida Samsung!!