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Latest tools to ensure the safety of digital files

siliconreview Latest tools to ensure the safety of digital files

With the advancement in technology, more and more data is stored online. This in turn paves the way for data traffic online to be more and more susceptible to hacking. From here arises the need to protect the data with some form of encryption that even the fastest networks will be unable to crack. While there is no absolutely foolproof way to counter this, we must leave no stone unturned to ensure maximum safety on our part.

Encrypting files before sharing them is an absolute must. For this some of the options that one can try are www.senditonthenet.com, Sendinc.com, Tutanota.com, Protonmail.com and Encrypto. For better on cloud encryption, one can opt for a service called Boxcryptor that has support for most cloud storage providers. It also works across all popular desktop and mobile platforms. With services like SendSafely, one can keep mails safer with end-to end encryption services. With 50MB per month available in the free version, one can even use it with services like Gmail and Outlook. Considering Gmail is the most common email service provider, the CryptUp tool comes handy for end-to-end encryption of the Gmail inbox. When used as a Chrome extension, it adds a ‘secure compose’ option right next to the regular compose button in Gmail. The icing on the cake is the fact that attachments can also be encrypted by it. Thus with all such encryption tools available for encryption, if cyber citizens don the hat of alertness, the hackers will be in for a tough time.