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The illegal ads for opioids filling the Facebook pages is a big concern

siliconreview The illegal ads for opioids filling the Facebook pages is a big concern

Are we heading to a modern world of drugs and fantasies ? This is a question that floats in our mind many times. Recently social Media is being used as a medium for drug deals. Mark Zuckerberg is surprised at the extent of the opioids problem - but Facebook is full of illegal ads for opioids. He has said the scope of the opioids crisis was what surprised him most during his 2017 travels throughout the country. Many sellers around the globe are making use of the Facebook pages to get best industry deals in selling the products. With the help of social Medias they create a web of drug deals, when the internet giants are struggling to keep out hate speech, fake news, and violent content and foreign political propaganda.

The illicit market exists even after the problem being continuously highlighted by many news channels. Searching on Facebook for the names of some of the most commonly prescribed pain medications pointed to multiple vendors selling Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Percocet and other similar drugs. The sellers deploy methodologies that hide the social content from being found out for many months. Facebook is currently relying on users to police the site for illegal drug sales, rather than devoting employees to this task. Also latest reports says that Facebook is hiring 20,000 people more in to the safety and security wing which includes policing the site for fake news and other prohibited content. With all this let’s hope it will come to a halt very soon.