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Capcom’s Surprise Reveal: 6 new characters for Season 3 of Street Fighter V

siliconreview Capcom’s Surprise Reveal: 6 new characters for Season 3 of Street Fighter V

Did you think the Street Fighter V was done with all the characters? Yes? Me too…but it’s not. The Capcom Cup 2017 has left every game fanatic awestruck.

In a surprise reveal at the conclusion of Capcom Cup 2017, the Japanese video game giant, Capcom has announced 6 new characters for Street Fighter V. The listing of all the new fighters includes some of the long-requested fan favorites, as well as two brand-new fighters.

The homecoming fighters, Sakura & Cody both are making their debuts in the Alpha series along with Sagat & Blanka, who have been around since Street Fighter 2. The two new characters, meanwhile, are G, a presidential-looking bearded man sporting a rather large top hat and Falke, a new female fighter who looks to be closely connected to Ed.

For the season 3 of Street Fighter V, these 6 characters will be getting the spotlight. As per the Capcom’s surprise reveal, Sakura will be hitting the platform on January 16, 2018, when Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition launches. The newcomer, Sakura gets an own stage, the Kasugano Residence, which is inspired by her Alpha 2 stage. For the other character, Capcom has not yet confirmed the release dates.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is an all-new version of Capcom's flagship fighting game and will be available for PlayStation 4 and PC. The updated version of the game will include all the post-release content from Season 1 and Season 2 of the game, as well as a number of changes in the new gameplay.