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Cyber Security Threat Is Much Bigger Than One Can Apprehend

siliconreview Cyber Security Threat Is Much Bigger Than One Can Apprehend

A couple of decades ago, the guy with the biggest gun was to be feared and biggest guys where the superpowers or nations with great weapons program. But this is far from reality now. Today the guys to be feared are the people camped up in places running in the arena called keyboard and controlling and bringing the biggest organizations to knees. Yes. I’m talking about the hackers; People who have wrecked so much havoc recently. It sometimes seems surreal that Digitalization or the connected world is our biggest strength and but it’s also our greatest weakness.  

In the past few years, the threat of cyber- attacks have become so severe that, it’s hard to fathom what can get happen or when out data can get hacked. This year we witnessed the “WannaCry,” a ransomware attack unprecedented in scale that held hostage computers in 150 countries in May, including Britain’s National Health Service and which attacked countries around the world just weeks later. Then there was the Yahoo breaches tied to a state actor that affected 1.5 billion user accounts.

We haven’t forgotten the infamous iCloud leaks of celebrity photos, which shook Hollywood and proved us that no one is safe when it comes to cybersecurity. The attack on Sony pictures resulted in so much damage that it was evident that this threat is only going to increase and become much larger.

Cyber warfare is now the face of our cybersecurity and it’s no longer in sidelines now. With cybersecurity industry running in billions and organizations looking for individuals with exceptional hacking skills, it’s obvious that now the heroes who save us will not always be wearing uniforms or carrying weapons. They will be folks with spectacles on, staring at their monitors and creating spells with their fingers and keyboards.