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Lizard Squad Founder Faces 30- Month Prison Sentence

siliconreview Lizard Squad Founder Faces 30- Month Prison Sentence

Have you ever wondered how old an online hacker would be? Well, one of the most notorious online hackers, Zachary Buchta is just 20-years-old. And he's no ordinary hacker, either.

Zachary Buchta, one of the founders of the ill-famous hacking group Lizard Squad, is facing two and a half years in jail after pleading guilty to hacking-related charges prior to Christmas.

Weeks after being detained, Buchta has been pleaded guilty to several criminal charges. Buchta admitted being one of the founders of the notorious Lizard Squad and PoodleCorp. Also, the 20-year-old said that he was one of those responsible for the fake bomb threat against John Smedley, President of Sony Entertainment in August 2014, which ended up grounding the plane creating inconvenience to over 80 people.

Buchta also admitted that he stole credit card information and ran a filthy operation that harassed and doxed people for a $20 fee, and also spammed them with hourly phone calls for more than a month.

Cyber criminal charges on Buchta didn't include the famous Christmas 2014 DDoS of Sony and Microsoft's gaming networks, which skyrocketed the popularity of Lizard Squad.

With a 30-month imprisonment sentence for all the criminal charges, Buchta has also agreed to pay a massive amount of $350,000 in restoration for victimizing two online gambling companies.

Most of the hackers are always concern about keeping their identity anonymous. And they are able to safely hide their identity using proxies and other technologies to obscure their location. But, funny enough, Zachary Buchta's online screen name remarked how the FBI officials are "idiots", and would regularly talk about how they were incapable of catching hackers.