Apple iphone comes with elegant home button on touch screen

Apple iphone comes with elegant home button on touch screen
The Siliconreview
06 Febuary, 2017

Few days back, we have heard that Apple is going to bring an all glass design for iPhone 8. Taking this as inspiration from this rumor the manufacturer rendered a beautiful round metal chassis iPhone with the entire front side which is comprised of the display. The Home button style is also elegant when compared to traditional round button which looks same as Touch Bar.

 The concept of iphone 8 video was released at Apple’s 10th anniversary. And while we are not sure what that we going to experience yet, most are in agreement that it’s going to be special but probably not as special as this concept by Thadeu Brandão.

Keeping it aside from a mind- blowing edge-to-edge display, the home button seems to be the new point of focus. Rather than serving solo as a navigational tool and fingerprint sensor, the button would take on double duty as the center point of a fantasizing new phone interface similar to that of Apple’s Touch Bar on the Macbook pro.

Thadeu's iPhone 8 concept would work, or at least how we like it to work, is the home button would be single taping when we use app and that would do something depending in that app.

The device featured in the video has edges on all sides, but iphone lovers can expect pretty slim bezel-less design. Other expected features on iPhone 8 are the TouchID sensor and wireless charging. But getting feedback from iphone users what they think about the possibility of an iPhone with quad edge display coming in next few of years. This year Apple is planning to bring a special advance featured iPhone with the OLED display. Other reports say that, the company is working on a facial recognition system for the upcoming iPhone.

This concept sounds great and exciting, this news can’t be undeniable.