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DP DHL to join hands with Huawei in IoT technology

siliconreview DP DHL to join hands with Huawei in IoT technology

DP DHL partners with Huawei in the development of  supply chain solutions by exploring the different aspects of Internet of Things infrastructure and hardware. News regarding the collaboration of the companies had been a subject of talk for a while, which is now confirmed with authority.

It aims at connecting the large volumes of devices across longer distances by reducing the power consumption using low cost networked devices. The company expressed their extreme interest in this matter with the assurance of a more Intergrated logistics value chain by giving critical data and visibility in  warehousing operations, freight transportation, and last-mile delivery.

DP DHL will get access to the IOT devices  and even network infrastructure of Huwaei  as the company aims at incorporating  greater sensing and automation capabilities into its different fields like warehousing, freight, and last-mile delivery services.

According to the recently signed memorandum of understanding (MOU), they plan to bring a gain of 1.77 trillion Euros (U.S. $1.89 trillion) by through investing on cellular based IOT Technology.  Studies have shown that the investments in connected logistics are about to double between now and 2020.

The most exciting part of this business is that, most of these technologies are now intertwined with the concept of Internet of Things (IOT) technology . They utilise the features in the process of supply chains, from the tracking of the assets to the driverless delivery of the commodities.

Dr Makus Voss , the COO and CIO at DP DHL described the partnership as follows , “This MOU will allow both Huawei and Deutsche Post DHL Group to tackle complex operational and business challenges with a powerful combination of world-class Internet of Things hardware, networks, and expertise in end-to-end supply chain management.”

The Huawei Enterprise Business Group President Yan Lida gave an optimistic idea about the open, flexible , elastic and secure platform built by Huawei in terms of cloud-pipe-device collaboration.

As of now, the partnership is expected to bring big changes in the global logistics economy with the proper blend of Internet of Things (IOT) technology, thereby enabling a safe and efficient services by global supply chains.