Dropbox to set a big milestone

Dropbox to set a big milestone
The Siliconreview
20 Febuary, 2017

Cloud Computing, one of the biggest achievements of technology has brought to life two new products which is based on cross- platform storage and collaboration. The Dropbox CEO Drew Houston gave an insight about the product at an event at San Francisco lately.

The company focuses on a slow but remarkable growth and hence wide popularity. Recent researches has found that the company has attained a revenue run rate threshold of $1 billion as the fastest software as a service vendor.

The new product which is the smart sync, which was initially the Drop box Infinite,  is aiming to provide industry’s first on-demand, cross-platform cloud storage offering. It also brings forth the general availability of Dropbox paper, which was initially embarked in beta as a collaborative tool.

 “We’re redesigning Dropbox to be fundamentally designed for teams,” Houston said.

“The company is trying to bring a cross collaborative platform by bringing access to all the files by syncing documents by a launching paper. Thereby we are planning for better advanced strategies for the same.” He said.

With newly added features of presentation mode, improved search functionality, and mobile folder functionality on iOS and Android, it surely is going to bring a change. With the smart sync, Dropbox will become centrally manageable, secure hub for teams to access and work together in all typed of files.

“Team members gain full visibility and unprecedented access to their entire Dropbox right from their desktop file system, no matter how large,” The Company said.

Dropbox claimed that, people from around 200 countries and territories had created their documents in paper earlier when it was launched in beta. So with this added features they are expecting it to reach the epitome of success in the cloud computing technologies.

As of now, since the company has landed as the second most influential private company leading cloud computing last year by Forbes, they are not in any rush to reach to the public anytime soon. The company continues to be the spearhead of articles of rumoured 2017 IPO’s, according to ‘Business Insider’.