Google’s all new ‘Google Cloud Search’ assists enterprise users find data rapidly

Google’s all new ‘Google Cloud Search’ assists enterprise users find data rapidly
The Siliconreview
10 Febuary, 2017

The tech giant Google is trying its best to woo its set of enterprise customers with the forthcoming launch of a service Cloud Search’ that will let employees find information they need from numerous sources. The all new service ‘Cloud Search’ will allow users to find content from their company email, cloud storage and directory. Directory lookup provide users not only with their colleagues’ contact details, but also information about shared files and calendar events. More than that, Cloud Search is also built to proactively help users access information they need.

How it works- When users log into Cloud Search either on the web or on their Android device, they’ll be greeted by “assist cards” that are supposed to highlight key files. At launch, those cards are built to show users files that are pertinent for their upcoming calendar events, as well as those that entail attention based on recent edits.

Cloud Search was first announced last year as Springboard, alongside a revamped Google Sites. Additionally, the company is in plans building more tools and features like Cloud Search that are designed to plea to larger businesses as part of a push spearheaded by Google Cloud chief Diane Greene.

The all new service is ought to cheer up the companies that are G Suite customers to bring more of their data and workflows into Google’s cloud productivity suite, according to Gartner Vice President Whit Andrews. By marrying calendar events, data and directory information, Cloud Search might help induce companies to do things like move their calendar data out of Exchange and into Google Calendar.

“What this does is it ties together the Google properties in a way that makes it very attractive to someone who is willing to experiment with their vision for how we can be more productive,” he said.

Well, the Cloud Search will start undulating out with no extra charge globally to G Suite Business and Enterprise customers starting next week. Accessible in 28 languages, the service will be available right away for those customers who are a part of Google’s rapid release program. While, the customers who have selected to delay updates will, logically, get admittance to it later. Users will only see files in Cloud Search that they’re allowed to, based on the sharing permissions attached to them. That way, someone from the marketing team can’t see a company’s HR records.

As per current situation, the service is intended to only work with files stored inside Google’s cloud, but gradually the company trying to integrate Cloud Search with third parties. Expanding the integrations accessible is a critical update, Andrews said.