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Just a node can reduce boredom, says Netflix

siliconreview Just a node can reduce boredom, says Netflix

Yes, technology has made yet another mind blowing invention.  In this era of streaming service and videos on demand, aren’t we all so happy to sit and watch videos without any interventions?  And what if we don’t even need to have a remote for accessing the media? Have you ever thought about this before?

A group of enthusiasts from Netflix has gone through different ideas related to this along with a proper blend of technology and has come up with a Brain wave technology.  Basically a mind –control gadget, which can make use of the brain waves to browse the streaming devices.  This was developed by a group of aspiring young people who attended the Netflix’s hackathon in January. Totally inspired by the challenge that the venture has put forward, they came up with this astonishing technology.

The so developed Mindflix makes use of a Muse headband which is a wearable device that can measure the brain signals. Initially it was aimed at assisting people for meditation and such activities. But it was hacked by engineers to make better use of it by making it easier for the people to watch videos.

 With this system a user can choose the media which he /she wants to watch and change it just by the nod of a head. The developers were all so excited about the inventory and claimed that the device aids during the loss of a remote or even when the remote is comparatively far away.  They also has come up with a video describing the same and displaying how a user can change the channels, if required through head movements.

No wonder in saying, the growth of technologies has driven people indolent. !

 But Mindflix was just one among the products which were brought up during the Netflix’s internal hackathon.  They had also come up with ‘picture in picture’ project which allows the users to see what others are watching in their account. All of these were truly inspired from the idea of ‘Stranger Things’ which is the reimagination of the show as a video game.  They also had good causes like donating the worthy contents to other organizations.

 “Although these technologies are productive in a way, they wouldn’t be taken to any other platform beside the hackathon or even would not be used other than the hack day” the company officials posted in their blog.  “We are posting them here publicly to share the spirit of the event and our culture of innovation” they said.

Despite that some ideas from Hack day in 2014, has been materialized and has been brought out to give users a 3D room version of the streaming media. And now Netflix offers a better platform by bringing this virtual- reality watching experience.