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NeuroQore magnet treatment is effective and hopes in curing depression

siliconreview NeuroQore magnet treatment is effective and hopes in curing depression

NeuroQore is working on new inserting magnetic pulses into brains to treat mental disorders like anxiety and depression. There are many drugs to treat these disorders, but doctors prefer giving it to their patients but  that might not respond or give results out for few patients, keeping this in mind NeuroQore hopes in replacing these pulses to do something better than preferring using drugs.

 Neuro feedback machine gave positive results a few days back on disorders like depression, anxiety, ADHD, PTSD, impulse control and on few other addictions. It’s mostly used in social work professions or clinics where drugs are not given much importance for treatment.

“We have an 87.5 percent remission success rate over drug-resistant depression,” co-founder Mehran Talebinjad.

NeuroQore Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) system was presented at the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre in July 2015 and was victorious in testing on healthy volunteers in a pilot project. The company is now at the point of recruiting patients for the next round of testing. Preliminary clinical data is promising and has prompted installation of more units to recruit more patients faster.

NeuroQore is based on rTMS technology; the work differs when compared with other Neuro feedback or electrical stimulation therapies, by sending pleasant tones through the ears to guide the brain, and uses the magnetic pulses to send tones directly into the brain to create positive feedback by its own. With this treatment the brain is trained to prolong a healthy brainwave pattern permanently. Without any side effects to these types of therapies, at the same time drawback of this type of therapy is not good using every day.

“Neuro modulation is super important and the brain is so complex, I realized during this surgery there wasn’t a lot of effective approaches out there.”  I hope to set up brain centers where patients can go and get magnetic stimulation treatment throughout California later this year. Says Talebinjad.

NeuroQore monophasic rTMS system with an established respite rate has potential to be a disruptive innovation that results in improved health care around world. NeuroQore is looking to effectively amalgamate into existing health care facilities and coordinate with ongoing treatments as a accompaniment to medications and therapy.