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Say Hello to the ‘Future Camera’ brought in by the LG G6

siliconreview Say Hello to the ‘Future Camera’ brought in by the LG G6

With all the odds surfacing around the LG Company, it is going monstrously huge in the market by launching G6 series that shall be bestowed with dual 13 megapixel rear cameras that shall provide the customers with wide-angel mode. The LG Company is enrooting its launch in February 26 in Barcelona.

The LG’s G6 front runner would be accommodated with an 18:9, 2,880 x 1,440 pixel screen size and other benedictions are already out in a small teaser posted by the company. Following this distinguished criteria; LG is making its move to multitasking apps as such that it can form two squares on top of each other which is the gateway to a spick and span UI of the phone.

Also, one can generalize that the G6 phone’s setup will be similar to last year’s G5 phone’s setup. The only difference or let’s just say the amazing difference that is installed in LG G6 is the camera between G5 and G6. While G5’s wide angle sensor only had an 8-mega pixel resolution, LG G6 shall be envied for both the sensors of the camera will have the same resolution in the picture quality. Also, the front camera of the G6 will have an upgraded 100 degree of view enough to capture people in numbers. This definitely is going to be the game changer for all the selfie and groupie lovers and instagrammers all around the world.

Another significant change fetched by the company is that the LG G6’s modular design is quite sleek and engaging as it is personalized above the G5. Surely, it might not be that cost-friendly like other LG products, but the cameras of the phone are to die for and might bring a sense of competition among other smartphones existing in the market.