Sound is no longer a barrier for video artists in Facebook

Sound is no longer a barrier for video artists in Facebook
The Siliconreview
20 Febuary, 2017

Technology has reached to that point where one can express oneself through social medias. The latest trend in this is the auto play of facebook videos. It wasn’t much before that facebook has introduced has introduced the auto play of videos. But it was the reason of talk for many upcoming video artists, who complained that people will watch their videos without sound.  But with this new technology, the newsfeed of facebook will be enabled with sound by default. It had been under test and observation for a while, but only for a few users.  The positive remark that they got from those users has been the inspiration for the announcement of this new design.

"With this update, sound fades in and out as you scroll through videos in News Feed, bringing those videos to life,” the company explained in a recent blog post.

According to this new system, if the phone volume is turned on, while going through the videos, it will automatically play with sound. It won’t play the sound if the phone is in silent mode which makes it easier for a safe browsing.

There are also provisions in the setting app of the facebook to off this newly enabled feature, although most of them wouldn’t do it as long as it is part of the new sytem. 

The popularity of social media sites, especially facebook has been ever increasing, even among the ordinary people, for a longer period now.  These prevailing conditions brought the aspiring minds to think of more technologies to bring out the talent of growing artists, and thereby to silence the complaints regarding the same.

But the subtitling technology which was supporting the impaired people is deeply hit by this new trend as they are no longer required for the description of a video.  It is a deep concern for the industry, which had been widely growing for a while.

Recently in the UK, disability groups welcomed the arrival of a new amendment to the Digital Economy Bill that would push broadcasters to improve subtitling for on-demand content. For this new laws regarding TV subtitling is ensured.

Facebook’s voice recognition software has been in the talks for a while and is yet to be marketed.  Many such new changes are made along with this update by the core team which shows the importance of social media platforms.