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Amazon Web Services makes its 2nd acquisition to manifest Amazon Chime more productive

siliconreview Amazon Web Services makes its 2nd acquisition to manifest Amazon Chime more productive

The mammoth of e-commerce portal has landed itself into the tight competitive ecosystem of communication and meetings space with the release of Amazon Chime in the last month. For those who are not acquainted with what Amazon Chime is, it is fulfills the purpose of serving communications that transforms online meetings with a secure, easy-to-use application that can be trusted and is reliable.

Basically, what the Chime does is it establishes online meetings, video conferencing, calls, chat, and shring content, both in and outside the organisation securely.

But the thunderbolt came in the form of making news about AWS secretly acquiring Do.com – a San Francisco-based startup specializing at generating meetings, for new conferencing and collaboration service to the team. Do.com can be easily defined as a platform to arrange meetings more productive by doing things like managing notes in preparation for their clients, and creating reports for those who were not present in the meeting, as well as organizing the meetings themselves.

Do had raised only $2.4 million in the years from a very long list of well-connected investors that includes- Salesforce, which has a penchant for products with short names and, like Amazon, is working hard to expand the amount of value-added services it offers to users on its platform.

Though it seems the acquisition was successfully made in the month of February, the startup company seems to keep the news of acquisition undercover- most probably under the instruction of AWS.  Back in February, Do announced the statement, “We’re proud to announce that Do.com has been acquired. While we would like to share more, we will be providing more information about our upcoming plans and disclosing our new parent company in future updates alongside other relevant for customers.”

Though Do didn’t name the buyer, but in its company’s LinkedIn profile, it has prolifically mentioned “now a part of Amazon”. In addition to that, Do’s founder and CEO Jason Shah added the title of product manager for Amazon Chime to his LinkedIn profile. This news of acquisition was first announced by TechCrunch.

But what was more interesting to know was that both the acquisition-statement was taken down from the company as well as from the CEO’s LinkedIn’s profile, resulting in more speculation around everyone.

It is still not confirmed as to how much parts of DO.com has been used by AWS, or what amount of payment has been offered to Do.com. Nevertheless, with this AWS has made its second acquisition to built Chime, after Biba for the videoconferencing piece of the service.