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Apple shook hands with SAP to launch a tool aimed at building business apps

siliconreview Apple shook hands with SAP to launch a tool aimed at building business apps

Tech giant Apple Inc and German software maker SAP SE joined hands to launch a tool that aims to help developers build iPhone apps for big businesses, as revealed by the companies recently. Slated to release on the 30th of March this year, the software tool is crafted such a way that it will offer ease to developers to feed data amid SAP's business-oriented software systems and Apple's consumer-oriented iOS mobile platform.

Rather than on a mobile device, presently the majority of SAP's systems are used on personal computers. So, the company is in plans to modify it by working directly with Apple on software tools so that it will make it easier to way in data on SAP systems from apps on an iPhone or iPad.

The all new wonder tool will let employees register into business apps with fingerprint readers common on iPhones rather than a password, or return huge record scanning guns used in warehouses with iPhones.

"The collaboration between our two firms is unparalleled from an engineering standpoint," said Rick Knowles, a senior vice president at SAP. "Every five to six weeks, we've put our developers in the room with Apple's lead engineers to do a code-level review."

With increase in iPhone sales losing steam, the tech giant has augmented its pains to advertise to great businesses. In 2014, the company launched a partnership with IBM Corp to help build custom iOS applications for businesses. In 2016, they made a agreement with Cisco to make iPhones work better on Cisco's networking gear, and also partnered with Deloitte & Touche LLP to cheer more businesses to construct iOS applications.

Well, the partnership on a whole is expected to render iOS developers a new method to grow revenue in an age when most of the App Store's expansion is driven by downloads in China and by game makers. Apple also in a statement earlier this year revealed that developers made $20 billion from the App Store in 2016, an increase of 40 percent from 2015.