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Be forethoughtful before liking any social media post!

siliconreview Be forethoughtful before liking any social media post!

Students should be cautious about the posts they like… This incident proves to be pesky… Social media is such a platform where being prudent is at utmost importance… Here we explain you the details of the tale…

Recently, North Carolina high school students posted a pic on Instagram along with a caption on the context of threatening a shooting at their school and now, the situation is such that the students who hit a heart button are rusticated from Bradford Preparatory School in Charlotte.

The photo was normal pose by 2 students but the caption vexed the school authorities. The wordings go like this: “Bradford gon [sic] have a school shooter one day.” While the students behind the original post were “detained” by law enforcement according to the school’s statement, students were also suspended for liking the photo.

Infact, the post was liked by 28 students who are suspended for 3 days and the parents give justification by saying that school should not take such stringent action for just liking a post and it is not fair.

Anonymous parent gave a statement which is mentioned below:

“None of us are happy with the decision,” one anonymous parent told the local news station. “We feel like this is going to follow our kids. Twenty-plus students could’ve learned a lesson today, not necessarily been sent out of school for three days.”