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Formula E is getting packed with full excitement for 2018 season!

siliconreview Formula E is getting packed with full excitement for 2018 season!

Here’s a big event coming for all race lovers, Formula E introduced nine manufacturers who will take part in five, six and seven seasons. Early in five seasons, every team on race had one driver in a car for whole season. There seems to be a small backdrop in this season, since there is lack in battery technology for founder Alejandro Agag’s passion for all-electric race, Formula E teams have taken up challenge of setting two drivers in two different cars placed in garage.  So when the race is on, in middle of the race the driver can shift his car to another car with fresh battery to continue the race.

The season involves some really big names; manufacturers will take part in five, six and seven seasons. The race will take happen in 2018; the list includes business firms from across globe-ABT, Formel EBMW AG, DS Automobiles, Jaguar Land Rover, Mahindra Racing, NextEV NIO, Penske Autosport, Renault and Venturi Automobiles. There are few other companies that has not made in list that includes Faraday Future Dragon, Racing and Techeetah, and few other manufactures planning to promote wheel racing-they are Renault, Venturi, NextEV, and Mahindra. MS Amlin is which was listed for racing might back up in this season before new ventures coming to take up challenges.

 A new Formula E car will be ready for racing in 2018, and Spark Racing Technology is looking ahead in sponsoring identical bodies for teams which will be covered through stickers and shining paints that’s going to get fitted beautifully on it. McLaren Applied Technologies produces new battery for racing cars.  Roborace series might be on run by 2018.

It’s sounds something really big, and a great change is expected from Formula E for season five.