Google Duo began to roll out audio-only calls feature for users globally

Google Duo began to roll out audio-only calls feature for users globally
The Siliconreview
30 March, 2017

Tech giant Google’s Google Duo will no longer be a video-only application. As in a recent update it lets users make audio calls as well. And to do this Duo takes the help of its newly introduced audio-only calls features that Google introduced recently.

Prior to this, Google announced the audio-only calls feature for Google Duo in Brazil. But recently, the company announced about rolling out their newly introduced audio-only calls feature globally. The following report came just after Amit Fulay, Head of Product - Google Allo and Google Duo on his official twitter handle posted information about the global roll out of the newly introduced Google Duo audio calling feature. The tweet reads as follows: "#GoogleDuo Audio calls is rolling out worldwide now ..."

Commenced last year, at first Google Duo, a video calling application was unsuccessful to drive users and almost fell upside down.  But now by initiating the audio-only calls feature the tech giant aims to craft a comeback in to the competition with the other similar apps like WhatsApp, Hike Messenger, IMO, and Skype. To shed more light no it Mario Queiroz, Vice President for Product Management of Google says, "The audio calls will work well on all connection speeds and will be data efficient as well."

The tech giant further is working on introducing a social photo app very soon; the proposed app will apparently allow its users share pictures and also edit it at the same time. Google will allow the users to make use of image gratitude, add filters to augment their pictures, and even add tags, with the social media application.