Google safe browsing brings new security blog for Mac users

Google safe browsing brings new security blog for Mac users
The Siliconreview
15 March, 2017

Safe Browsing, a Google service announced security blog that’s going to board on March. This works on guidelines set by safe browsing, developers created security blog to protect macOS devices.

Now it has become easy for chrome users to detect harmful files on their device, Mac has come up with new ideas for user security to avoid Malware completely.  Google’s new security blog enables safety browsing experiences to users by not allowing unnecessary software which targets macOS.

This new security blog usually works on two different ways – Firstly it eliminates unwanted ad injections, this means the ads which appear in various sites will be totally washed out. Secondly – it will rid settings that appear on search engine, start page or on homepage.

Chrome settings API for Mac gives freedom to developers to assure that the tools are placed and used in right way which is later controlled in their chrome settings. These settings will override API which will be accepted to make changes in chrome settings on Mac OSX on windows. Apart from this, developers must also focus on the chrome web store- that’s probably used to change chrome settings.

Users can experience these changes in short time, this will be out by March 31st. It will be on duty in the month of April, users will get to find it by unsafe sites on internet.  To be more precise, Safe Browsing and chrome will warn users on using software that changes Chrome settings without using the API.

For more details, users are allowed to check on the different guidelines on the efforts to protect safe browsing by visiting help centre.

Google Safe Browsing is a Google device that helps to protect many users’ devices every day by posting warnings to Google users when they are heading to face few harmful sites or download dangerous files.