IBM to incorporate additional ‘Q’ services to the cloud platform

IBM to incorporate additional ‘Q’ services to the cloud platform
The Siliconreview
10 March, 2017

From the very beginning of its innovation, cloud technology has been adopting technologies that could bring innovative changes. To add up to this, IBM has again come with an additional ‘Q’ service, which allows users to leverage quantum computing power through its cloud platform.

It might be surprising to know what this quantum computing is all about.  Unlike those classical computers which cannot tackle all the service related problems, this provides productive features and services.

The services which IBM gives now are based on cognitive computing platform Watson, which makes use of their traditional computers to find data patterns. Right now, the quantum computers use 5 qubits. But it is expected to make at least 50 qubits within the few years, which makes it a true resource for the future.

Quantum computing studies theoretical computation systems (quantum computers) that make direct use of quantum-mechanical phenomena, such as superposition and entanglement, to perform operations on data.  It makes use of the quantum bits, instead of digital binary bits.

This is found useful especially in the medicinal field as well as chemistry.  Doctors are able to differentiate between the molecules and it makes them to create better medicines, which are found to be more productive and useful.

Since the leading researches involve AI technology, cloud platform, financial services and logistics, the emerging Q services are finding its way towards the same as well.  Along with these, IBM is taking an initiative to launch API for the IBM quantum experience.  This can aid in the better utilization of the current five qubit systems in their programmes as well as applications. And the last quantum experience was launched in May 2016.

In addition to this, there is a proposal for introduction of Software Development Kits, which can assist in proper implementation of the current system as well as can bring forth the ability to model circuits up to 20 qubits. 

According to the views of Arvind Krishna, who is the senior vice president of hybrid cloud and director of IBM research, quantum computing is going to be a futuristic technology with unending chances of growth.  "Following Watson and block chain, we believe that quantum computing will provide the next powerful set of services delivered via the IBM Cloud platform, and promises to be the next major technology that has the potential to drive a new era of innovation across industries”, he said. 

As a whole, this technology is about to bring a rapid change in the way problems are tackled by the systems and can improvise it in the best way possible.