Samsung showers surprises at Mobile World Congress

Samsung showers surprises at Mobile World Congress
The Siliconreview
10 March, 2017

At the Mobile World Congress event held in Barcelona, Samsung announced the launch of commercial 5G network products next year with pre-commercial testing already set up in Korea, Japan, USA and UK trails starting in early summer.

The electronic giant which faced tough times and took a massive hit following its Note7 battery exploding incidents in 2016 which caused the brand’s reputation to fall and face profit dips apologized for the previous failures and assured that product safety would be its priority and would regain its trust with the consumers with its high quality products and devices

5g products include a home router and radio base station which consumers can install with ease, saving time and labor for fiber installations. 5g boasts of speed up to 1gbps, which would literally be at lightening Speed. Samsung’s COO (Chief Operating Officer) Tim Baxter said that “5G will be massive” and will connect “everybody and everything”. He added: “Think of hundreds of connected devices in the home, millions of smart sensors in cities – we are convinced that 5G is the next revolution and it all starts with the network.”

The South Korean-based MNC would be partnering with US-based telecommunication company Verizon for a 5G project which already includes a number of brands.

Samsung also released two tablets at the mega event for both professional and personal use.The Galaxy Book for former and Galaxy Tab S3 for the latter use. The Company’s VR products got the highest cheers from the crowd. The new Samsung Gear VR features a controller, powered by Oculus, which will act both as a remote and touchpad tracking hand motions, opening amazing ways to interact in Mobile VR providing enhanced gaming experience and unbelievable movie experience.

The show ended at a good note with an announcement about Samsung’s next phone, the S8, but the launch would be in coming date.