Adobe to bring Artificial Intelligence to get the perfect selfies

Adobe to bring Artificial Intelligence to get the perfect selfies
The Siliconreview
010 April, 2017

In a recent buzz it is been founded that the researchers at Adobe Systems have posted an impressive video demonstrating the way in which artificial intelligence can be used to augment everyday selfies. Powered by the Adobe Sensei, which is a stylish technology combining artificial intelligence and machine learning, the retouching augmentations provided by the new software make it a fully-fledged magic wand.

In the Adobe Creative Cloud, the developer’s inclusive collection of online tools, Adobe Sensei is effective wonder with its ability to make elements that do not figure on the original photo by examining neighboring pixels.

The newly posted video offers a stunning display of how users of the software can revise the form and place of a face by only touching a finger on their smartphone touchscreens. The other features embrace the option to alter background deepness of field for a blurred effect, or change the angle of sight to generate a more gratifying portrait.

Lastly, the users get this amazing option of cutting and pasting photo styles from one image to another. And in the future we can expect that these functionalities may be incorporated in few other products of the Adobe Creative Cloud series to allow users to astutely touch up selfies before sharing them on social networks.