Amazon’s Bull’s eye; gets $1,100 as target to compete with its rivals

Amazon’s Bull’s eye; gets $1,100 as target to compete with its rivals
The Siliconreview
17 April, 2017

Amazon plans and never forgets. It had planned on expanding and is still resuming its work. It has already gained its momentum in USA, and has future endeavor to take up the whole middle-eastern and other countries under its thumb.

Quite vital to the point, Needham Analyst Kerry Rice believes that Amazon’s established dominance is successful due to its Prime subscriptions, mobile penetration and third-party growth. Adding to those factors, Amazon Web Services continues on being the “torchbearer” for the e-commerce retailer to earn and grow merrily in multi-dollars. 

Rice’s anticipation if believed, states that over the next five years, Amazon shall lead its company to marginalize other companies by growing its U.S. market share by 16 percent, which shall place Amazon in the throne of e-retailers. Rice upgraded the stock to buy from hold and initiated a price target of $1,100 per share, which it did come close to $907.04 per share.

Another e-retailer E-bay, which is the eye-to-eye competitor of Amazon, has a market share of 7.7 percent followed by Wal-Mart with just 5 percent lesser. According to Needham, Amazon in response to its competitor shall counter attack by multiplying its size in the company as well by holding the top-notch market share in its coming years. 

“Shinning bright like a diamond”, Amazon’s stock rose at $923.72 per share and as calculated shares of Amazon are fulfilling its target as more than 50 percent from the previous year itself.