Google Chrome soon to fetch integral ad-blocker

Google Chrome soon to fetch integral ad-blocker
The Siliconreview
24 April, 2017

The giantGoogle is planning to break down on unnecessary ads, which areregarded as bad by users, even if they come from Google Ads. And to make certain that user don't see these bad ads, the company is setting up to build an ad-blocker in its Chrome browser. A part of both desktop and mobile versions of the Chrome, the ad blocker aims to stop bad ads like pop-up ads or video ads that auto play.

If reports are to be believed the all new ad-blocking feature in Chrome could be proclaimed within weeks and company is still planning on details to take the plan ahead. Association for Better Ads recently released a list of ad standards. As per the list, ads such as "pop-up ads, auto-play video ads with sound, ads with countdown and large sticky ads" are deemed bad.

The decision taken by giant to embrace ad-blocker in the Chrome can have diverse impact on the internet world, notable on the ad-blocking market. With Google making decision on the ad standards and what ad should go and what not, can hamper the Ad-blocker usage which recently saw a rise of 30 per cent, as per a PageFair report. Business Insider quotes that  over 615 million devices blocked ads universal by the end of 2016 with 308 million of it blocking ad on mobiles.

Also, if executed in a fair way then Google's ad-blocker may assist users get rid of the frustrating ads for which they have to set up ad-blockers on the first place. Auto-playing video ads can be awkward many a times, especially at workplace.

Considering another part of the story if Google's own ad blocker comes into existence. According to StatCounter, Chrome market share in India currently is 37.89 per cent and it ranks second in the browser market. If

Google switches on the ad-filters in Chrome , a bigger control of the ad-blocking market may go into its hands.

Lastly, there is also a possibility of having adverse impact on third party ad-blockers. Google's own ad-blocker means there may not be any place for third party ad-blockers on Chrome.