Google photos revamped with all new video stabilization feature update

Google photos revamped with all new video stabilization feature update
The Siliconreview
19 April, 2017

Tech giant Google has again created buzz with the roll out a new update for its Photos app on Android. The all new update gets improved video stabilization functionality, among some other features.

How does it work’s -The update's video stabilization feature automatically corrects shaky videos bearing version number 2.13. It can be accessed via the Videos tab under the Albums page. The stabilization alternative is located next to the 'Rotate' button in the app, which is visible once the user hits the edit icon. Tapping on the alternative applies stabilization to the video. An in-app progress bar will show how the video stabilization's progress. Once done, the Stabilize button will turn Blue in colour.

As of now rolled only for Google Photos' Android app, the company has not cleasrly mentioned about the exact time when the feature will arrive for the iOS app.

Well if we talk about the last month, the tech giant also rolled out an update for Google Photos. The update is intended at improving image backups on 2G associations and is accessible for both iOS and Android devices.

According to the company statements, after the update will be rolled out the clicked photos will be backed up automatically in 'lightweight preview quality' but will still look enormous and great on smartphones. And, soon as the device connects to Wi-Fi or gets better connectivity, Google Photos will reinstate the light preview version with high-quality copies.