Microsoft gets Cortana to Android with latest lock screen update

Microsoft gets Cortana to Android with latest lock screen update
The Siliconreview
03 April, 2017

The tech giant Microsoft is finally set to roll out an update for Cortana on Android after testing it for months. The update brings the capability to trigger the assistant directly through the lock screen. The all new latest feature allows users to access the Cortana digital assistant by just swiping left or right on the Android lock screen. With this latest move, it is ascertained that Microsoft is looking to make Cortana more available on Android smartphones.

 The company previously also announced to make it live in its next update testing this feature. How it works- After updating to the latest version, the app will ask for user’s permission to allow 'Cortana on the lock screen'. By Clicking on 'Add Cortana to my lock screen', the user will thereby create a shortcut for Cortana access on the lock screen. Once all the settings are done, the user will then notice the circular Cortana logo at the bottom of theirAndroid lock screen, and by swiping left or right will start the digital assistant right away.

The step is said to be a way by which Microsoft looks to increase Cortana's presence on other ecosystems. While the Google Assistant’s existence on Android smartphones is still limited, Microsoft may want to leverage this limitation to Cortana’s advantage. In any case, Cortana might not be a bad option for all those who miss a digital assistant on their device.

Well not only this, the update will also revamp the Home section with additional information exhibit as soon as the user will launch the app. This information includes calendar events, weather, travel time to work and more. Making it the third country to be made available in – apart from US and UK, the tech giant Microsoft also launched Cortana for iOS and Android in Australia. The users can download the latest version of Cortana from Google Play here.